Brampton Ellis 1 Swinton Fitzwilliam 0

Brampton Ellis Back Row (L to R): Brian SORBY; Syd Holt; Harry Smith; Harry Speight; Keith Wigfield; David Thorpe; Roger Stone
Front Row (L to R) : Terry Allen, Alan Nelson, Malc Stevenson, Michael Dyson, Brian Sanderson. CREDIT: Freda Sanderson and Lauren Bell

Scorer:  Dyson 

The Brampton Ellis Junior School eleven, seen with the Totty Cup,

left to right, standing: Whitfield, Alan, Speight, Nelson, Smith, H. Arnold;

(seated), Sorby, Dyson, Stevenson (captain), Sanderson and Thorpe.

Standing behind the team, left to right, and Mr. G. Parkes, Mr. M. Heald (headmaster) and Mr. Woodruff.

FITZWILLIAM . Staff (L to R): Mr. Byron (teacher) ; Mr. Jevons (Headteacher)  Back Row (L to R):  John Disney; ???? , John Cartledge; Tony Hyndes; Purcell; Terry Oldfield;  Stan Sands?. Front Row (L to R): Phil Jackson; John Blacker; Graham Scholes (captain); Kenny Matthews; Kenny Launders, ????  CREDIT:  Ian Scholes


Brampton Ellis 1 Mexborough Schofield Street 1 at Cortonwood. Scorer:  Dyson (B.E.) & Ardron (Mex)

Replay Mexborough Schofield Street 1  Brampton Ellis 2 (after extra time).  Scorer:  Ardron (Mex) Sorby, Dyson (B.E.)

Conisbrough Morley Place v Fitzwilliam at Denaby.

2nd Round:  Jump 4  Highgate 1 

Goals:   P Bailey (2); L. Smith; G. Hamer (Jump)  & M. Ward (Highgate)

3rd Round:  Jump v Fitzwilliam

Source:  Sid Holt

Team photos of teams that did not win the Totty Cup in 1953, but no doubt featured in it at some stage:

Gold Juniors 1953 no evid
Goldthorpe Juniors 1952-53:  Terence Askew 1952/3 Goldthorpe Juniors team. Front row from Left. Pete Mann, Jamma Cartwright, Kenny Cooper, Howard Hampshire, Bob Perry. Back row from left. Pete Scott, ? , ?, Jimmy Marsh (Goalie) Ogden, Terence Askew. Mr Walford and Mr Frost.
Highgate no evid Anthony Humberstone
Highgate 1953
balby st no evidence
Balby Street 1953 Back row (L to R): Billy Carr, Ron Taylor, Colin Norton, Harold Whitehead, Harold King, Joe Smith
Front row(L to R): Gerald Floyd?, Neville Williams, Alan Hand, John Marston, Peter Flaherty
balby st no evid 2
Balby Street 1953
Balby St.
Roman Terrace
Teachers L to R: T1, T2, T3
Back Row (L to R): B1, George Tepper , Tom Collins , Howard Migley, Bernard Birkett , B6
Seated Row (L to R): Jack Absom, S2, Bob Hathaway , Keith Ingam, S5
Floor (L to R): John McDermott , Kenny Whitworth

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