Mexborough Schofield Street 1 Mexborough St. Johns 1  REPORT SYT (1/6/63)
Mexborough Schofield Street 2 Mexborough St. Johns 2

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Mexborough St. Johns : BACK ROW (Lto R): Stuart Wilson ; Mick Howitt; Phil Naylor ; Mike Young; Colin Jeeves; Mr Hartley(Jammy). FRONT ROW (Lto R) Terry O’Brian, Dave Jones; Steve Poole, Bernard Coop. Ronnie Duffty . Phil Glover
Schofield Street: (L to R): Terry Fuller; Clifford Pearson; Barry Neatby; Keith Fennell; Rob Davison; Terry Gillespie; Chris Goddard; Alex Kolunzic ; Steve Chadwick; Eric Gardner; Martin Waggitt – winners of the first Mexborough Athletic knockout shield. Credit: Keith Fennell
Schofield Street with the Totty Cup: Back Row: (L to R): Mr. Bell (from Thurnscoe); Alan Tweedale; Terry Fuller; Barry Neatby; Rob Davison; Chris Goddard; Martin Waggitt; Steve Chadwick; Mr. Brookes (Head – from Darfield) Brian Hampton
Front Row (L to R):Eric Gardner; Terry Gillespie; Alex Kolunzic; Keith Fennell; Clifford Pearson, Trevor Wetherall.
Credit: Keith Fennell
Schofield Street : Back Row: (L to R): Eric Gardner; ; Barry Neatby; Chris Goddard; Martin Waggitt; Rob Davison; Terry Fuller
Front Row (L to R): Keith Fennell ; Steve Chadwick Terry Gillespie; Alex Kolunzic; Clifford Pearson.
Credit: Keith Fennell
SCHOFIELD ST. Staff (L to R):  Mr Brooks (Head), Mr. Bell.  Back Row: (L to R): Alan Tweedale, Neatby, Rob Davison, Martin Waggit, Chris Goddard, Bry Hampton, Trev Weatherill          Front Row (L to R): Cliff Pearson, Terry Fuller, Terry Gillespie , Alex Kolunzic , Eric Gardner, Keith Fennell, Steve Chadwick  Photo credit: Alison Kolundzic

Semi Final
Mexborough St. Johns 3  Denaby Rossington Street (D. Main) 1 REPORT SYT (11/5/63)
Mexborough Schofield St 4   Darfield County Primary  1  REPORT SYT (18/5/63)

Second Round
Thurnscoe Houghton Rd v Thurnscoe Hill
Highgate 0  Mexborough St. Johns  0
Mexborough St. Johns 3  Highgate 1
REPORT SYT (4/5/63)Fitzwilliam 2 Denaby Main 3   REPORT SYT (20/4/63)
Mexborough Schofield Street 2 Thurnscoe County P 0   REPORT SYT (20/4/63)
Hemingfield Ellis 2  Darfield County Primary  2  (Darfield won replay)REPORT SYT (4/5/63)

First Round
Hemingfield Ellis 2  Bolton Carrfield “A” 1 (2nd Replay)  REPORT SYT (6/4/63)
Denaby Main 3 Queen St. 1 REPORT SYT (30/3/63)
Mexborough Schofield St  3  Swinton Bridge  0 (replay*) REPORT SYT (30/3/63)
Thurnscoe Houghton Rd 4 Goldthorpe Sacred Heart 0   REPORT SYT (6/4/63)
Low Valley 3 Highgate 3   REPORT SYT (6/4/63)
Highgate 5 Low Valley 0   REPORT SYT (20/4/63)
Darfield County Primary 2 Bolton Carrfield “B” 2   REPORT SYT (20/4/63)
Darfield County Primary 5 Bolton Carrfield “B” 1 replay REPORT SYT (27/4/63)

Preliminary Round
Goldthorpe Sacred Heart 1 Thurnscoe Hill 0  REPORT SYT (23/3/63)

Mike Young remembers- St Johns: Young; Naylor; Wilson; Jones; Coop; Dufty; O’Brien; Poole; Howitt; Jeeves; Glover

Schofield St:  Neatby ; Fuller; Davidson; Goddard; Waggitt; Chadwick; Fennell; Kalondzic; Gardiner; Gillespie; Pearson

Mike Young’s medal

We shared the trophy after 2 draws. In the second game St Johns were winning 2-0 with 5 minutes to go and conceded the the equailiser in the last minute.

Mr “Jammy” Hartley … I think Mick Howitt scored both our goals in the second game. Mike Jones was the keeper.

Both matches played at Mexborough Town’s ground – Hampden Road (Mex. Athletic)

*Mexborough Schofield  and Swinton Bridge drew the first match 0-0 on the Wednesday and then replayed the match on the Thursday.

Houghton Road 1963
Teachers Mr. Allsop & Mr. Owen Back Row (L to R): mascot Duncan Snape,John Wigley, Ron Whitaker,Gordon Simpson, Ron Bullars,Steve Hudson, Tony Brown
Front Row (L to R): Howard Nicholson,Graham Fawcett,Mick Walker, Bob Morris, Geoff Carver.
Credit: Luke Hudson

Roman Terrace

Back Row (L to R): Ivan Jones, Peter Kerley, Steve Wilson, Mr. Lobley, Brian Batty, Ray Boreham, John Morris Front Row : Brian Deakin. Michael Dawson. Peter Guest, Denis Marsh, Brian Tinnion Credit: B. DEAKIN

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