Rawmarsh Thorogate

Finals played in: 12
Totty Cup Finals: 5 finals, 1 win, 4 runners-up
Clarke/Barlow-Salmons Shield Finals6 finals, 6 runners-up
Gordon Swann Finals : 1 final; 1 runner-up

Links to webpages about Thorogate…

2023 : Swann RU Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/2023-gordon-swann-cup/
2022: Barlow RU Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2020s/2022-2/
2019: Totty RU  Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/2010s/2019-2/
2016: Barlow RU  Photo   https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2010s/2016-2/
2014: Barlow RU  Photo*   https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2010s/2014-2/
2011: Barlow RU Photo* https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2010s/2011-2/
2006: Totty RU No Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/2000s/2006-2/
2001: Barlow RU  Photo*  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2000s/2001-2/
1992: Totty RU  No photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1992-2/
1991: Totty RU No photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1991-2/
1989: Barlow RU No photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1980s/1989-2/
1988: Totty win Photo    https://tottycup.co.uk/1980s/1988-2/

* Photo from the newspaper.  If anyone has a print, please send a copy to brookchris@talk21.com

2015: Rawmarsh Championc  Photo   https://tottycup.co.uk/2010s/2015-2/

Years when Thorogate didn’t reach a final…

2020: Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/2020s/2020-2/