Our Centenary Pitch Marking

We are indebted to Doncaster Council for agreeing to mark out the pitch with “Totty Cup – 100 Years” ahead of the finals day on 23rd March 2023. Event details: https://fb.me/e/rJWggM7Ha

The robot pitch marker was programmed by Grieg and Kenny after we were given the green light by Chris Savage – all from Doncaster Council. Their work had been noticed at the 125th anniversary of the Montagu Cup in 2022.

Thanks to the drone footage of Erica Hart and the time-lapse skills of Jake Hale!
Grieg and Kenny after their morning’s work is complete.

This drone footage was thanks to Erica Hart. She gave up her morning to film the process. Erica often uses her drone to locate missing dogs. Please give her page a follow: HARTSAR on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/hartsar
Also – please take a look at a BBC news report all about Erica’s amazing work https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-south-yorkshire-59337631

Erica at the controls of her drone.

Thanks also to Jase Norris of Dearne & District for opening up for us all, plus Darryl Hand for his continued support of the Totty Cup Centenary celebrations.

These images could well feature in the upcoming book that details the 100 years of the Totty Cup : tinyurl.com/tottycupbook

This is an image from the 2022 Montagu Cup anniversary final. There are a handful of local copies remaining from the 600 ordered. These will be on sale at the Centenary final, plus upstairs in Pettits. https://www.montagucup.com/press-release-125-book