Finals played in 12
Totty Cup Finals: 8 finals, 4 wins, 4 runners-up
Clarke/Barlow-Salmons Shield Finals4 finals, 1 win 3 runners-up
*2021 final did not get played due to Covid

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2023: Barlow Win Photo
:  Barlow finalists Photo
2019: Totty Win  Photo
2018: Totty RU  Photo
2016: Totty RU  Photo
2015: Totty Win Photo
2010: Barlow RU   No photo
2009: Totty RU No photo
2008: Barlow RU No photo
2007: Totty RU   No photo
1985: Totty Win Photo
1982: Barlow RU Photo
1966: Totty Win Photo*

* Photo from the newspaper. If anyone has a print, please send a copy to

Not involved in a Totty Cup/Barlow-Salmons final, but there is a photo…
1981ishPhoto (scroll down)
1965:  Photo down)
1964:  Photo (scroll down)
1955Photo (scroll down)
1954:   Photo (scroll down)