Wath Central

Finals played in13
Totty Cup Finals: 7 finals, 3 wins, 2 runners-up & 2 shared
Clarke/Barlow-Salmons Shield Finals6 finasl,  4 wins, 2 runners-up

Links to webpages about Wath Central…

2022: Totty RU  Photo   https://tottycup.co.uk/2020s/2022-2/
: Barlow RU Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2010s/2019-2/
1996: Barlow Win  Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1990s/1996-2/
1995: Totty Share Photo   https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1995-2/
1989: Totty Win  Photo    https://tottycup.co.uk/1980s/1989-2/
1984: Barlow Win Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1980s/1984-2/
1978: Totty RU No photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1978-2/
1975: Totty win Photo   https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1975-2/
1974: Totty share Photo*  https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1974-2/
1972: Totty RU  Photo   https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1972-2/
1964: Clarke Win  Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1960s/1964-2/
1963:  Clarke Win  Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1960s/1963-2/
1961:  Clarke RU  Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1960s/1961-2/
1959:  Totty Win  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1959-2/
* Poor quality

Years where we have a photo, but the team didn’t reach a final…
2020: Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/2020s/2020-2/ (scroll down)
1967Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1960s/1967-2/ (scroll down)
1966:  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1966-2/ (scroll down)
1965:  Photo
https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1965-2/ (scroll down)
1962:  Photo
https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1962-2/(scroll down)
Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1958-2/ (scroll down)
1957Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1957-2/ (scoll down)
1956Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1956-2/ (scoll down)