Finals played in since the war13
Totty Cup Finals: 7 finals, 6 wins, 1 runners-up
Clarke/Barlow-Salmons Shield Finals6 finals, 2 wins, 4 runners-up

Links to webpages about Highgate…

2017: Barlow RU  Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2010s/2017-2/
2014: Totty Win  Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/2010s/2014-2/
2013: Barlow RU Photo*  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2010s/2013-2/
2012: Totty RU Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/2010s/2012-2/
2011: Totty Win  Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/2010s/2011-2/
2008: Totty Win  Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/2000s/2008-3/
2005: Barlow RU  No Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2000s/2005-2/
1980: Barlow Win No Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1980s/1980-2/
1979: Barlow RU No Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1970s/1979-2/
1962: Clarke Win Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1960s/1962-2/
1961: Totty Win Photo*   https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1961-2/
1957: Totty Win  Photo*  https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1957-2/
1956: Totty Win  Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1956-2/

* Photo from the newspaper.  If anyone has a print, please send a copy to brookchris@talk21.com

Before the war, Highgate featured in 5 Totty Cup finals.

1934: Totty Win No Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1934-2/
1933: Totty RU No Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1933-2/
1932: Totty Win Photo*  https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1932-2/
1931: Totty RU Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1931-2/
1929: Totty Final No Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1929-2/

Other years…
1996: Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1996-2/ (scroll down)
1978:   Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1978-2/ (scroll down)
1963: Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1963-2/ (scroll down)
1960:  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1960-2/ (scroll down)
1964Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1964-2/ (scroll down)
1959:  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1959-2/(scroll down)
Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1958-2/  (scroll down)
1953:  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1953-2/ (scroll down)
1952: Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1952-2/ (scroll down)
1948: Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1948-2/ (scroll down)
1928: Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1928-2/   (scroll down)