Swinton Fitzwilliam 4 Denaby Main 2 

Fitzwilliam Scorers: M. Oliver, John Samson, Dave Cousins and Malc Whitehouse.   Denaby Scorers: Colin Pears & L. Oxer .  Full match report at (REPORT SYT 21/5/60)

Fitzwilliam: Back Row (L to R): Fred Foster, Geoff Beverley, Dave Elliot. Mick Cane, Roland Braddock, Tony Brown
Front (L to R): Stan Burkinshaw. Mally Whitehouse, John Sansom, Dave Cousins, Mick Oliver
Fitz 2

The Denaby Main (Rossington St) team would have been made up of most of the lads that played in this match…

Credit: Giles Brearley

Medal of Mally Whitehouse (Fitzwilliam)

Semi Final
Denaby Main 1  Darfield CP 1 Blurred report 2/4/60
Denaby Main 3 Darfield CP 0
(REPORT 7/5/60)
Swinton Fitzwilliam  1  Swinton Bridge  0 
(REPORT 16/4/60)

16 4 60 3rd
16 4 60

Quarter Finals
Denaby Main 3  Denaby St. Albans 1  (REPORT SYT 12/3/60)
Goldthorpe Scared Heart 2 Swinton Fitzwilliam 2
Swinton Fitzwilliam 2 Goldthorpe Sacred Heart 2 (replay) (REPORT SYT 12/3/60)
Swinton Fitzwilliam 4 Goldthorpe Sacred Heart 0 (2nd replay) (REPORT 19/3/60)
Highgate v Darfield CP

Graham Ellis played in the Totty Cup for Park St. School, Wombwell in the ’58/59 and 59/60 seasons. They played in blue and white striped shirts, white shorts and blue and white hooped socks. The furthest they got in the competition was the quarter finals in 59/60.

Players for Park Street:  Alan Bamford,   Philip Percival,  Michael Green,  Barry Conroy, David Parkinson,  Chris Markham,  K. Mitchell,  ? Palmer

Malc Whitehouse: “I think Kilnhurst J& I won the Totty Cup in the late sixties and I remember someone bringing a Totty Cup winners medal to show us in 1959 (to Fitzwilliam School) which I think was a 1953 one won by Fitzwilliam”.

Colin Pears (pictured) opened the scoring in the Totty Cup final…

deanby 7 5 60

Other teams that would have featured in the Totty Cup in 1959-60:

Back Row – Raymond Cushworth, Mick Molyneux, Mr Lobley, Leslie Evans, Dave Scott, Keith Seward. Front Row – Dale Vickers, Graham Wassel, Alan Jackson, Steve Ferriby, John Hampshire, Keith Waller, Stan Fern. Credit: Neil Molyneux
Station Road (Conisbrough)
Back Row (L to R) : Neil Barry, Ellis Bramley, David Wren, Mick Hardy, Richard Bunting, Mick Faulkner.
Front Row (L to R): Teacher 1; Tommy Booker, Billy Davies, Norman Turner, Bruce Ball, Billy Salkeld, Teacher 7

Conisbrough & Denaby Main Heritage Group
Wath Central: Back Row (L to R): Neil Purcell, John Ball, Vinnie Whitehead, Roger Coleman, Dennis Chivers, Brian Bamforth. Front Row (L to R): Alan Pearson, John Wilson, Paul Ibbertson, Neil Owen, Brian Ellis, Steve Middleton, Ray Neil. Teachers: Mr Mallender (L) and Mr. Teal (R). Credit : Ashley Ball.
This team are pictured with the Totty Cup that was won the previous season. Only Geoff Owens (holding the cup) played in the 1959 Totty Cup final.
21 5 60 2nd
21 5 60
balb may 60

Goldthorpe Juniors : Granville Holmes,Phil Gough, Geoff Shepherd, Phil Heyes,
Brian Hemstock, John Holmes,Front Row David Marshall, Frank Keen, Dennis Moore, Alan Warboys, John Burton, David Roebuck, Dougie Longden.
Mexborough & Swinton Times - Saturday 21 November 1959
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 21 November 1959
Mexborough & Swinton Times - Saturday 14 November 1959
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 14 November 1959
Mexborough & Swinton Times - Saturday 17 October 1959
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 17 October 1959

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