2023 – Don & Dearne Girls Cup

Wath C of E won the 2023 Don & Dearne Girls Cup with Windhill* and Swinton Fitzwilliam* as runners-up.

Wath C of E had a slow start. It wasn’t until 3 minutes from time in their 3rd & final group match that they scored their first goals – without which they would have been ‘out’.

In the trophy league, they found their form with an impressive 3-0 win against a Windhill team who had won 3 out of 3 previously. Next up for C of E was a narrow 2-1 victory against Wath Our Lady & St. Josephs – notable for Ruby-Jo scoring the only goal in the whole tournament against C of E.

*Windhill and Swinton Fitzwilliam finished on the same points in the trophy league. Fitzwilliam had a superior goal difference and were presented with the runners-up trophy and medals. The first criteria to separate teams level on points should have been – ‘result between the two sides’. Windhill beat Fitzwilliam and that was the first determining factor for the groups even though Fitzwilliam did have a better goal difference.

The decision has been taken to have Fitzwilliam and Windhill as joint runners-up. Extra medals have been ordered and a Windhill team photograph with the trophy will be organised as soon as possible. This news will be announced as soon as we have decent resolution photographs of both Fitzwilliam and Windhill.

Gooseacre sealed the 5th place spot with three wins and no goals conceded. Rawmarsh St Josephs pipped Carrfield to 6th place in a goal that was technically after the air-horn – which ran out of air at just the wrong time for Mr. Morton & Carrfield! Thorogate lost narrowly by an odd goal in each of their last three matches – they will take pride in a 2-1 win in the group stage.

More photos from finals day, thanks to Phil Gregg at : https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAELjR

The best of these will be featured in the Totty Cup Centenary book. tinyurl.com/tottycup

Leading Finals Goal-scorers:

4 Ruby-Jo Doyle (OLSJ)
4 Fran (Wath CE)
4 Holly B (Fitzwilliam)
3 Klaudia Gwiner (Windhill)
3 Lucy Asher (Rawmarsh SJ)
2 Taylor Russell (Carrfield)
2 Amelia Burton (Gooseacre)
2 Amelia McDonald (Gooseacre)
2 Isla (Wath CE)

Group A
Wath CE 0 Rawmarsh SJ 0
Thorogate 0 OLSJ 2 (Brodie Smith & Ruby-Jo Doyle)
Wath CE 0 OLSJ 0
Thorogate 2 (Daisy Dalling, Alex Ransford) Rawmarsh SJ 1 (Lucy Asher)
Wath CE 2 (Fran 2) Thorogate 0
Rawmarsh SJ 0 OLSJ 2 (Ruby-Jo Doyle 2)

Group B
Gooseacre 1 Carrfield 0 (Amelia McDonald)
Swinton Fitz 0 Windhill 1 (Klaudia Gwiner)
Gooseacre 0 Windhill 1 (Klaudia Gwiner)
Swinton Fitz 3 (Holly B 3) Carrfield 0
Gooseacre 0 Swinton Fitz 0
Carrfield 0 Windhill 1 (Ella Middleton)

After the group games, the top two teams from each group progressed into the Trophy Group.
OLSJ (7 points) and Wath C of E (5 points) from Group A.
Windhill (9 points) and Swinton Fitz (4 points) from Group B.
The other teams competed in a group playing for 5th place.

5th Place Group

Thorogate 0 Carrfield 1 (Taylor Russell)
Gooseacre 2 (Lexi Cooper, Amelia McDonald) Rawmarsh SJ 1 (Lucy Asher)
Thorogate 0 Rawmarsh SJ 1 (Lily F)
Gooseacre 1 Carrfield 0 (Amelia Burton)
Thorogate 0 Gooseacre 1 (Amelia Burton)
Rawmarsh SJ 1 (Lucy Asher) Carrfield 1 (Taylor Russell)

Trophy Group

OLSJ 0 Swinton Fitz 1 (Holly Backhouse)
Windhill 0 Wath CE 3 (Isla 2, Fran)
OLSJ 1 (Ruby-Jo Doyle) Wath CE 2 (Fran, OG)
Windhill 2 (Viktoria Musiol, Klaudia Gwiner) Swinton Fitz 1 (Millie B)
OLSJ 0 Windhill 0
Wath CE 0 Swinton Fitz 0

This tournament will get a mention in the upcoming Totty Cup centenary book – tinyurl.com/tottycup

Wath Academy hosted the last of the qualifying tournaments which saw Wath C of E triumph in emphatic style – with 17 goals for and 0 against! The best of the rest was Our Lady & St. Josephs who also qualify for the finals. Brampton Ellis finished 3rd,
Queen 0 OLSJ 5; Central 0 Wath CE 6; Brampton Ellis 1; OLSJ 1; Queen 0 Wath CE 5; Central 0 Brampton Ellis 1; OLSJ 0 Wath CE 4; Queen 0 Brampton Ellis 3; Central 0 OLSJ 5; Queen 0 Central 0; Wath CE 2 Brampton Ellis 0
Queen’s star player was Rosa.
Central’s star player was Niamh E
C of E’s goals came from Isla 7; Fran 3, Madison 2, Lola 2, Emie & Ellie
OLSJ’s goals from Ruby-Jo 8, Brodie 3 & Lucy (Y4)
Referees: Mr Flowers & Josh

Rawmarsh JFC St. Josephs hosted the third qualifying event which saw Thorogate qualify undefeated. St. Josephs Catholic school progressed in 2nd place.
Thorogate 2 Ashwood Road 0; St. Josephs 2 Ashwood Road 0; Thorogate 3 St. Josephs 0
Thorogate scorers: Daisy Dalling, Alex Ransford, Evie Millson & Charlotte Thomson 2
Referee: Mr. Bedford

The second qualifying tournament was hosted by Dearne & District JFC. Gooseacre were the winners of this event, narrowly ahead of Carrfield on golas scored. Gooseacre’s goals came from Amelia Macdonald (4), Amelia Burton, Phoebe Cook, Maria Munteanu. Their star player was Lexi Cooper.
Goldthorpe Sacred Heart had a couple of goals to cheer scored by Saffron. The biggest cheer of the afternoon greeted Millie Jackson’s late goal for Lacewood.

The first qualifying tournament took place at the home of Mexborough Rangers. The whole tournament only produced a single goal – Holly Backhouse netting for Swinton Fitzwilliam. This goal against the 2022 champions St. Johns meant that the Mexborough school were eliminated. Undefaeted Windhill qualified in 2nd place.
Thanks to David White for stepping in and refereeing at short notice.

Windhill squad: Ella Middleton, Isabelle-Lilly Jones, Klaudia Gwiner, Klaudia Kaczmarczyk (Captain); Nora Nemes, Jaidie Beal, Viktoria Musiol, Scarlet-Rose Smith.

St. John’s
St. Thomas’

Swinton Fitz
Sacred Heart
St. Joseph’s
Wath C of E
Wath Central
Brampton Ellis
Swinton Queen
Our Lady & St Joseph’s

Local clubs are keen to expand their girls football provision. For information about attending a training session, please contact the following:

Wath Stars : Tanya Abbs 07971430150 – at the moment Y6 & Y7 are training on Mon & Thu 5pm-6pm at Wath Academy. Other age groups welcome.
Swinton Spartans : Y5 & Y6 contact Martin Rouane 07850407638
Y1 & Y2 training on Saturdays 9.45 – 10.45 on Swinton Miners Welfare
Rawmarsh St. Josephs: Junior Josephs (mixed boys & girls) Aged 4 to 6 https://tinyurl.com/cybw964m
Mexborough Rangers : Information coming soon.
Dearne & District : Ages 8 to 11. Monday night 6.30-7.30pm Dearne Welfare: https://tinyurl.com/bdfn3daw
Currently recruiting for the following teams for the 23/24 season:
U7’s: current Y1; …. U8’s current Y2 ; …. U9’s current Y3; …. U10’s current Y4;
U11’s current Y5; …. U12’s current Y6; …. U13’s current Y7
Wombwell Town: U10, U12, U13 and U15 established for NEXT season. Get in touch if your daughter would like to come along!
9am-10am Sunday @ Netherwood Academy, S73 8FE

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