Darfield Council

Finals played in 11
Totty Cup Finals: 10 finals, 8 wins, 2 runners-up
Clarke Shield Finals: 1 final, 1 win

Links to webpages about Darfield Council…

1971: Totty RU No Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1971-2/
1968: Clarke Win Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1960s/1968-2/
1964: Totty RU Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1964-2/
1962: Totty Win Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1962-2/
1955: Totty Win Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1955-2/
1954: Totty Win Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1954-2/
1951: Totty Win Photo? https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1951-2/
1950: Totty Win Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1950-2/
1949: Totty Win Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1949-2/
1948: Totty Win Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1948-2/
1947: Totty Win Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1947-2/

* Photo from the newspaper. If anyone has a print, please send a copy to brookchris@talk21.com

Years where we have a photo, but the team didn’t reach a final…
1960:  No finals Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1960-2/ (Scroll down)

It is uncertain if there was a competition in 1946. One source suggested Darfield won theTotty Cup in 1946, but no evidence has been found to verify this.

Before the war, Darfield featured in one Totty Cup final.

1930: Totty Win No Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1930-2/

Snape Hill, Low Valley, Council – these are 3 names that it is believed are all the same school. Someone from Darfield please confirm.

The other school in Darfield at the was Darfield C of E, which has it’s own page. This school was only known as Darfield C of E.

Are these schools still going?