Finals played in since the war18
Totty Cup Finals: 12 finals, 8 wins, 4 runners-up
Clarke/Barlow-Salmons Shield Finals6 finals, 3 wins, 3 runners-up

Links to webpages about Thurnscoe Hill…

2012: Barlow RU  Photo*  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2010s/2012-2/
2011: Totty RU No Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/2010s/2011-2/
2006: Barlow RU No Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2000s/2006-2/
2003: Totty Win Photo*  https://tottycup.co.uk/2000s/2003-3/
2002: Totty RU No Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/2000s/2002-2/
2001: Barlow Win Photo*  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/2000s/2001-2/
1997: Totty Win Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1997-2/
1996: Totty Win Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1996-2/
1993: Totty Win Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1993-2/
1982: Totty Win Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/1980s/1982-3/
1981: Totty Win Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1980s/1981-2/
1980: Barlow RU Photo  https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1980s/1980-2/
1979: Totty RU Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1979-2/
1970: Clarke Win Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1970s/1970-2-2/
1969 Totty Win Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1969-2/
1968: Totty Win Photo* https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1968-2/
1967: Totty RU Photo  https://tottycup.co.uk/1960s/1967-2/
1958: Clarke Win Photo https://barlowsalmons.wordpress.com/1950s/1957-2/

* Photo from the newspaper.  If anyone has a print, please send a copy to brookchris@talk21.com

Before the war, Thurnscoe Hill featured in 4 Totty Cup finals.

1939: Totty RU No Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1039-2/
Totty shared Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1938-2/
Totty Win No Photohttps://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1935-2/
Totty RU No Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1932-2/

Years where we have a photo, but the team didn’t reach a final…
1990:  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1990s/1990-2/ (scroll down)
1984:  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1980s/1984-2/ (scroll down)
1976Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1976-2/ (scroll down)
1971Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1970s/1971-2/ (scroll down)
1956Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1956-2/ (scroll down)
1955:  Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1955-2/ (scroll down)
1954:  Photo
https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1954-2/ (scroll down)
1952:  Photo
https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1952-2/ (scroll down)
Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1951-2/ (scroll down)
1948Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1950s/1948-2/ (scroll down)
1936Photo https://tottycup.co.uk/1920-2/1936-2/(scroll down)