Hoyland Common 4 Brampton Ellis 3

This is the same team that won the Totty Cup – Credit: Mike Cameron & Alan Wood
The names of the team were, top row left to right, Malcolm Stevenson, Brian Robinson, Joe Blackburn, Sid Holt, Melvin Tomlinson,Ken Dawson, Mick Dyson, Ken Saxton, Brian Sorby, Bill Botham, Arnold Bailey.  Credit:  Arnold Bailey

Brampton Ellis  were leading 3-0 at half-time according to Sid Holt. It was played on Hemmingfield on 3rd May 1952.

Arnold Bailey (Brampton) remembers:  The game was played at Hemingfield on a pitch that was very steep from goal to goal and we kicked downhill in the first half and scored 3 goals but when we turned round at half time they went on and scored 4 and won the game, I was one of the scorers.

Mike Cameron (Hoyland) remembers that Harry Hough (Barnsley FC’s keeper at the time) presented the medals.


Conisbrough Morley Place

Highgate: Back Row (L to R): Clive Neal, Robert (Froggy) Bottomley, Peter Taylor, Geoff Foster, Keith (Meafy) Eades, Barry Heaton.
Front Row (L to R): Tom Shillow, Bob Jones, Brian Sidebottom, Tony Chapman, Clifford (Click) Parker, 
Credit : A. QUINN

Hoyland Common 4 Swinton Queen 2 – Report – SYT 15/3/52
Brampton Ellis 2 Bolton 1 – Report – SYT 15/3/52

Earlier Rounds
Darfield N.P. 0 Thursnscoe Hill 3 –  Green ‘unSaturday 10 November 1951
Highgate 1 Bolton 4 –  Green ‘unSaturday 10 November 1951
Swinton Bridge 4  Swinton Fitzwilliam 2 –  Green ‘unSaturday 10 November 1951
Hoyland Market St 2 Hoyland King St. 2 –  Green ‘unSaturday 10 November 1951
Hoyland Common 6 Roman Terrace 2 – Report – SYT 1/3/52
Brampton Ellis 2  Jump 0 (replay) – Report – SYT 1/3/52
Hoyland Market st 2 Hoyland King St 0 – Green Un (10/11/51) ???

Rod(ney) Clarke’s memories of playing for Hoyland Common

I was on the Hoyland Common team, throughout the 1952 season, playing left back. Donald Radley played right back all through the season. [Note that my name was Clarke with an ‘e’.] You don’t see us mentioned because we never scored……just kept the other side from scoring too many goals! I remember beating Tankersley C of E something like 13-0, and Donald and I froze to death in that game as we hardly ever touched the ball. That sort of scoring is reflected in the 6-2 win over Roman Terrace in the earlier rounds. My father, who worked at Wharncliffe Silkstone came to every match, and always brought a vacuum flask of hot tea for half time. Later other fathers started coming too, but my dad was always proud that he was the first. Our first trainer was Mr Harold Fieldsend, but when he left Mr. Robinson took over. Most of the team were in Mr. Shevill’s final year class. The previous years had seen very good players such as Barry Hines and Peter Sylvester, and we were always being told that we would never be as good as them, but we did the unthinkable and won the Totty Cup. I still have the medal, which will go to my Canadian granddaughter who has been a brilliant soccer player. That day will always live in my memory. We were almost in despair being three down at half-time, the opposition had only to punt the ball from their half and the wind and downhill slope put the ball right in our goal area . Fortunately we were a strong team, all small in stature except our goalkeepers, and came back 4-3 when the elements were on our side. The names of the team were: ???? (But I’ve got a strong feeling that his name was Rupert) Rooker, Donald Radley, Eric Smith, Brian Needham, Rodney Clarke, Alan Wood, Michael Cameron, Derek Hallsworth, Ambrose Hawkins, Barry Sylvester, Russell Marsden, and Rex Skelton. We had a great party at the school, at the time of the photo, but the Headmaster Robert Blackledge was likely unimpressed! His strength was the academic side, and his successes were such that middle class parents brought their kids to the school by car from surrounding villages. He taught my mother at Blacker Hill in the 1910s and was a man who earned respect but not much love. In Mr Shevill’s class we had a ‘library’ of about 10 books. One old book that I read was “Fifteen thousand miles in a ketch” which has inspired me to build five boats here in Canada. What a great school it was.

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