Sponsors 2018

Bolton Ex-Servicemens Club & the George Jowett Memorial Trophy.

Rules 2018

Matches to be refereed by either a teacher or a qualified referee. Semi-Final referees should be neutral.  Feel free to contact Gordon Swann (email for his contact details)

Please ensure that a nominated member of staff is made known to the referee and will remain on the pitch-side to deal with any ‘over-enthusiastic’ parents/coaches.

Size 4 ball, Three subs (not roll-on roll-off – unless both staff agree otherwise), 9 a-side, the offside rule is played.

Pitch Length:  Ideally 80 yds (Max 85 Min 70)  Pitch Width : Ideallx 50 yds (Max 55 Min 45)  Goals: Ideally 16 feet x 7 feet

If the teams are level at the end of normal time then 10 minutes extra-time will be played (5 minutes each way).  Following this, if the teams remain level, a second 10 minutes period will be played. Again, if the teams remain level, there will be a third and final period of extra-time.  After this, there will be a replay.     

Any schools who currently have trophies/cups from last season could you please arrange for these to be dropped off before Feb. half term at any of the following schools (marked ‘for Chris Brook’) : Swinton Queen; Swinton Fitzwilliam; Swinton Brookfield; Swinton Comp., Kilnhurst J&I or Kilnhurst St. Thomas

Home teams are responsible for arranging matches in time (please inform Chris Brook/Alison Quinn if this proves problematic).  This may involve playing the match in a neighbouring school in order to find an appropriately sized pitch.

Results should be emailed to by the winning team.

Sponsors 2016-2017


Brearley & Co Accountants will be sponsoring the Totty Cup competition in 2018.  This sponsorship will help to meet the cost of medals and engraving of the trophies.

Protege Events Sponsor the Totty Cup & Barlow-Salmons for 2015


Protege Events run competitions from grass roots to professional and manage a number of professional Darts players.

We intend to collate a number of young football stars, creating a formidable team of youngsters from different areas of the UK – as indeed we do in Darts. We will showcase and promote the players through our website, social media and contacts in sport; work with them, assisting in providing equipment and providing advice.

Finally, we hope to find professional clubs to sign the Team Protege stars and launch their careers.

South Yorkshire Times sponsorship

For 15 years between 1999 and 2014 the competitions were sponsored by the South Yorkshire Times Newspaper.

Totty Sponsor 001

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