Highgate 4 Thurnscoe Hill 0

Credit: James Durose-Raynor

Scorers:  Ashmore; Walsh;  Yates;  Hayes

Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 25 March 1932

Highgate (holders) and Thurnscoe Hill provided a rousing final of t

he Totty Cup on the Shepherd Lane ground, Thursncoe, on Saturday.  Highgate regained the trophy by winning 4-0.  The game opened with thrills.  The ball was punted forwards and Ashbourne dashed across from the left to put Highgate ahead.

This was the prelude to a fast first half in which play was transferred rapidly from goal to goal.  Highgate were a little more accurate, but the Thurnscoe backs, English and Burton, tackled in great style.  Midway through the half, Turnbull beat Jones, but the ball struck the upright and rebounded into play.  Shortly before half-time Walsh increased Highgate’s lead. Middleton, the Hill goalkeeper, deserved sympathy rather than the blame, as the ball played tricks on the rough ground.  A run by Ashmore in the first few minutes of the second half brought Highgate’s third goal, Yates driving the ball into the net.  This did not dishearten the Hill boys who made spirited efforts to save the game.  Burnett made several good runs but was repeatedly dispossessed by Hepworth.  The Highgate’s forwards persistency brought a fourth goal.  Yates got the better of Smith for Hayes to score.  Thurnscoe made a fine rally but their inside-forward was slow in shooting.

At the conclusion of the game the cup was presented to the Highgate captain, C. Yates, by Mr. J. Minnikin, who congratulated both teams on a splendid exhibition of football.

South Yorkshire Times 25th March 1932


Highgate 2 Goldthorpe 0 (at Thurnscoe)
Thurnscoe Hill beat Darfield Council (at Goldthorpe)

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Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 12 February 1932
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 February 1932
3 dec 32
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 02 December 1932
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Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 25 September 1931

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