Highgate 3   Wombwell John Street  0

Match report at 18/5/56 SYT

Totty 5253
Back Row (L to R): Graham Cluse, Raymond Goodall, Roy Eades, Mr Lobley (Coach), Tony Howley, John Kitson,Phillip Barge, Gordan Goodall. Front Row (L to R): Tommy Randerson, Terry Parker, Peter Wassell (Captain), Colin Claxton, John Hillson, Graham Wassell (Team mascot).
Wombwell John Street. This pic does not include two key players, Max Moore ( the regular keeper) and Raymond Poole (centre forward), both of whom were ill when the photographer visited the school but both played in the final. The players and teachers pictured: back row (l to r): Vic Humphreys, Gordon Hinchliffe (sports teacher), Brian Peach, John Threlkeld, John Riley, Mick Thompson, Les Steeple (headmaster), Arthur Kellett. Seated: Neville Goodwin, Richard Bradley, Clive Taylor, Les Hall, Alan Dunkley. In the final I was right back, Max was the keeper and Raymond centre forward. Brian Peach and Richard Bradley were dropped. CREDIT: John Threlkeld

Final team: The names: Max Moore; John Threlkeld, Arthur Kellett; Vic Humphreys, Mick Thompson, Les Hall; Neville Goodwin, John Riley, Raymond Poole, Clive ‘Alfie’ Taylor, Alan Dunkley. Reserve: Richard Bradley.

John Hillson:  “Highgate won all competitions that year and never lost a game”

Semi- Finals
Wombwell John St 4  Wombwell Park Street 1  (replay)  – REPORT (12/5/56)
Highgate beat Denaby Main after a replay

John Hillson: 
The following year 1956-57 the team lost one game in the semi -final of the sheild. The following week we beat the same team in the Totty cup final and never lost in the league.   We never had a pitch of our own, we played on the Dearne ground for our home matches at Goldthorpe. We practised on the waste ground opposite Highgate greyhound stadium. I have the origional photographs of both teams and certificates aswell as medals.

Early rounds:  
Swinton Bridge 2 Conisbrough Station Rd  0 (Green ‘un – Saturday 5 November 1955)
Jump 1 Fitzwilliam 2  (Green ‘un – Saturday 12 November 1955)
Hoyland King St 1 Denaby Main 2  (Green ‘un – Saturday 12 November 1955)
Roman Terrace 4 Jump 1 ( Green ‘un – Saturday 17 March 1956)
Hemmingfield 2 Highgate 5 ( Green ‘un – Saturday 17 March 1956)
Wombwell Kings Rd 0 Wombwell John St 3 ( Green ‘un – Saturday 17 March 1956)
Conisbro’ Morley Place 2 Thurnscoe Hill 4  (Green ‘un – Saturday 24 March 1956)
Denaby St. Albans 1 Wombwell St. Johns 2 (Green ‘un – Saturday 31 March 1956)
Birdwell 2 Denaby Main 3  (Green ‘un – Saturday 31 March 1956) SYT 14/4/56
Thurnscoe Hill 0 Denaby Rossington St 2 (Green ‘un – Saturday 31 March 1956)
Roman Terrace 1 Wombwell Park St 1 (Green ‘un – Saturday 07 April 1956)
Highgate 1 Denaby Main 1 (Green ‘un – Saturday 21 April 1956)
Wombwell John St 1 Wombwell Park St. 1?  (Green ‘un – Saturday 21 April 1956)
Wombwell John St 2 Denaby St. Albans 1(SYT – 14 April 1956)

No record of Fitzwilliam winning the Totty Cup, but looking at this photo, they maybe won the Mexborough & Swinton School’s league…

Fitz - didn't win Totty
FITZWILLIAM: Staff: L: Mr. Jeavons & R. Mr. Byron Back row (L to R): ????, Alan Barwick, Keith Harwood, Keith Greensleeves, John Foss, ?Marshall? Front Row (L to R): Mick Cooke, Paul Senior, Eric Fieldsend, Frank Rollett, Ken Harwood
St Albans
Denaby St. Albans
Back Row (L to R): Standing : James O’Rourke , Pat Sharp, Barry Riley, Jimmy Kelly, John McCabe
Front Row (L to R): Bill Joyce, Thomas Doran, Mick Logan, Jimmy Davy, Tom Hurley, Bill Sharp, Peter Kelly
Rosehill: Back: Mr Skelton, Mr Bedford (Head), Mr Colclough. Middle: Eric Watkinson, ,Me, Keith Goulty, Stephen Vaughan, David Thompson, Trevor Carr. Front: Ian Waller, Dave Lawrence, Paul Christinacce, Les Swales, Dave Bailey.
Roman Terrace thanks to Luke Johnson
Roman Terrace Teachers (L to R): Norman Bell, Leslie Smith, Edward Petts
Back Row (L to R): Denis Otley, Denis Minor, Mick Garbutt, Harry Sandland, Mick Stimson, Alan (Leo) Lee
Front Row (L to R): Phil Stevens, F2, Mick Rumble, Frank Fenley, Ken Wharton, F6, Ronnie Abson
Swinton Bridge : Staff (L to R) : Bill Payne; Tony Balding Standing (L to R): Philip Chappell, David Teece, ?, Roy Nicholson, Harry Good ; Paul Hudson, ? On Chairs (L to R): Frank Barlow; Gerald Myers; Philip Greenfield; ? ;? Sat on the floor (L to R): Graham Wood, Jeff Dransfield , Terry Wigley
The Hill.
Teachers, Mr Simpson, Headmaster Mr Jones, Mr Long. Players L/R standing, Dave Bentley, Eddie Smith, Granville Calladine, Pete Raynor in goal, ? Stott , ?, Eric Clubley,. Seated L/R Tony Marklew, Tony (Ben) Baines, Billy Cook, Phil Hiles , Mick Swift .

Dolcliffe Road:
Back Row (Left to Right): Mr. Trickett; Dave Norman, Peter Swindells, Bob Hathaway, Bernard Birkett, Brian Bates Front Row (Left to Right): Brian Beardsley, Barry Linley, Billy Hayes, John “Shona” Whitehouse, John Langford, Charlie Ardron

Brampton Ellis
Credit: Barry Dickinson
Barrie Gawthrope back row 2nd from left, then it’s Keith Laycock, it’s Tony Lawrence not Trevor. All on front row are correct.👍

Wath Central
Teachers (L to R): Mr. Malyan; Mr Oldfield, Mr. Teal; Roy Turton
Back Row (L to R): Tony Banks; Geoff (Goff) Ward; Tony Braithwaite, Barry Ellis, Pete Walton, Trevor Smith, Ian Wadsworth
Front Row (L to R): John Horsfield; Howard Law, Alan Howson, Malc Harvey, Bob Bennett, Eric Walker, Keith Ellis

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  1. My brother was in this team Billy Hayes, I was very young as he was eight year older than I would have been 3 when this was taken, but later in life I can remember John Langford, John Shona Whitehouse and the teacher Trickett who was handy with a slipper.

  2. My brother was in this team Billy Hayes, I was very young as he was eight year older than I, but I can remember John Langford, John Shona Whitehouse and the teacher Trickett who was handy with a slipper.

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