2023 Gordon Swann Cup

Rawmarsh Sandhill 1 Rawmarsh Thorogate 0

Rawmasrh Sandhill with the Gordon Swann Cup
Credit: rawmarshsandhill.org

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It was a Rawmarsh derby for the inaugural Gordon Swann Cup played at Goldthorpe Welfare. Both teams had a few new faces in the squad since their semi-finals.

It wasn’t until 2 minutes from time that the deadlock was broken. The winner came from a player drafted in at late notice – Junior Flanaghan showed composure when presented with an opportunity to score from distance with the Thorogate rearguard out of position. The star player for Sandhill was Rhia Moorcroft and for Thorogate it was Leo Rollinson who was solid at the back and led the side brilliantly.

Gordon Swann, who once scored against Liverpool, was on hand to present the trophy to the Sandhill captain, Caden Whittaker.

Read how Sandhill School broke the news: https://rawmarshsandhill.org/2023/03/24/sandhill-football-success/


More photos from this match at https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAxY89

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