Highgate 4 Brampton Ellis 1

Highgate : Teacher: Mr. Lobley. Back Row (L to R): Arthur Ashmore; Roy Horton; Robert Lowe; David Jefferson; Richard Ashmore; Neil Hanson; Gordon Goodall;
Front Row (L to R): John Hillson; Terry Parker; Colin Claxton; Tommy Randerson, Alan Athron
The team went unbeaten apart from one match in the semi-final of the League Cup against Brampton Ellis. One week later they exacted revenge in the Totty Cup final.
Credit: John Hillson

Goals: Hillson (2), Goodall, Claxton BE: Lawrence

Highgate Junior Boys football team, who have won the Totty Cup and Dearne Section Shield, are seen with their trophies. Colin Claxton (captain), Tommy Randerson, Gordon Goodall, Terry Parker, Robert Love, John Hillson, Alan Athron, author and Richard Ashmore, Roy Horton, David Jefferson and Neil Hansen (reserve). South Yorkshire Times May 25, 1957 Mr. Lobbley was the teacher/coach.

Highgate 5  Hoyland Common 0 – Report at 27/4/57
Goals: Goodall 2, Parker 2, Claxton
Brampton Ellis 1  Wath Central 1
Brampton Ellis won the replay.

Arthur Ashmore’s certificate – Thanks to Tracy Hollis

John Hillson “In 1956-57 the team lost one game in the semi -final of the sheild.
The following week we beat the same team in the Totty cup final and never lost in the league.”
We never had a pitch of our own, we played on the Dearne ground for our home matches at Goldthorpe. We practised on the waste ground opposite highgate greyhound stadium.
I have the origional photographs of both teams and certificates aswell as medals.

Denaby St. Albans 1 Roman Terrace 0  Green ‘unSaturday 27 October 1956
Thurnscoe Hill 3  Wombwell H 0 – Green Un 8 December 1956
Hoyland Market St  2  Birdwell 0 – Green Un 2 February 1957
Hoyland Common 5 Darfield 2 – Green Un 9 February 1957
Brampton 2 Denaby Main 0   – Green Un 23 February 1957
Swinton Bridge 1 Hoyland Common 2   – Green Un 23 February 1957
Wath Victoria 1  Brampton Ellis 6   – Green Un   16 March 1957
Goals:  BE: Ward 2, Shepherd, Taylor, Clayton, A. Lawrence.  WV:  D. Harrison
Wombwell Park St 3  Thurnscoe Hill 0     – Green Un   16 March 1957
Goals:  B. Wood, R. Boulton, M. Parkin
Wombwell Park Street 3  Highgate 3
Goals:  WPS: Wood, Wilson, Boulton  H: Claxton 2, Parker
Highgate 4 Wombwell Park St 0 REPLAY  – Green Un  13 April 1957
Goals: Parker, Randerson, Goodall, Claxton
Hoyland Common 3  Conisbrough Morley Place 0 – Green Un  13 April 1957
Brampton Ellis 1 Wath Central 1 – Green Un  13 April 1957
Highgate 5 Hoyland Common 0  – Green Un  20 April 1957
Wombwell John Street 3 Wath Central 4 – SYT 16/3/57
Hemingfield Ellis 1  Hoyland Market Street 4 – SYT 22/3/57
Goals:  HE:  Doherty  HMS:  Thicket, Otway, Firth, Berry


Morley Place 1 Rossington Street 2 (source: unsure)

Fred Wood: “I played for Morley place, we beat Station Road in the semi….the players I remember :  Morley place : Alan Mincher, Chris Haigh, Dave Roberts(RIP), Alan Sturgeaon.   Rosso …Keith Turner (RIP) Bob Beasly; Dave ( Snowy) Walker (the original Lionel Messi); Dave Hoyland; Chip Pass; Wilf Brough( goalie); Dave Galvin (turned Pro); Dave Pigott.  Rosso were always a good side.”

No evid St. Albans
St Albans RC School Football Team . Top Row L – R: David Bamforth. John Collins. Billy Martin. Barry Egan. David Beckett. Billy Manion. Mick Wood. Front Row : L-R. John ONeil. Jimmy Kelly. James O’ Rorke. John McCabe, Peter Whittaker. Teacher. Mrs Fitzwilliam
Roman Terrace
Roman Terrace
Swinton Bridge Staff (L to R) : Mr. Tony Balding ; Mr. William (Bill) Payne Back Row (L to R): ?, Phil Chappell, Roy Nicholson, Jimmy Gilbert, Harry Good, David Teece,? Front Row (L to R): Graham Wood,Brian Hargreaves,Trevor Birks, Frank Barlow; Peter Hirst, Geoff Salmons, Granville Lester Seated : (L to R): Geoff Dransfield, Trevor Burden Assisted the team: Mark Hanwell

Thurnscoe Hill
Back Row: Mr. Pop Dolan, Jimmy Walters , Bill Hall, Mr. Frank Ingoldmells, Roy Martin , M. Birkinshaw , M Brown
Chairs (L to R): C1, C2, H. Savage , C. Parker , Keith Beevers , P. Powell
Sat on floor (L to R): F1, G. Whitehurst
Wath Central:
Teachers (L to R): Mr. Malyan; Roy Turton; Mr. Teal
Back Row (L to R): John Horsfield; George Wilson; Geoff Ward; Malcolm Jarvis; Ronnie Adams; Don Norris
Front Row (L to R): Ivor Chapman; Bob Bennett; Howard Law; Ian Wadsworth; John Reed?

Wath Victoria
Mr Siddons(teacher)
Back Row (L to R): Ronny Lawrence, B2, B3, B4, B5, David Harrison, John Lloyd, Trevor Grimshaw.
Front Row (L to R): F1, Batty, F3. David Maxwell, Brian Willoughby, Graham Ward, John Longley
Credit: David Harrison

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