Totty Cup Rules

The rules of the autumn qualifiers are at the discretion of the cluster coordinator. Ideally, the rules will be the same as the knock-out rules (below) – but this is not always possible.

9-a-side. Size 4 ball.
The OFFSIDE rule is played. Three subs (roll-on, roll-off).
There are only 13 medals. Girls ARE allowed to play.
Duration:  25 minutes each half.

Pitches & Posts
Ideally, these matches should replicate the final – ie. 9-a-side.
The home team should consider if the pitch is a suitable size for 9-a-side (see below).  Alternative arrangements could include…
·        Switching the venue to the opposition
·        Switching the venue to a nearby school with a bigger pitch
·        Playing fewer players (eg. 8-a-side or 7-a-side) with the same rules as 9 a-side
Obviously, it’s best to discuss with the oppsition’s teacher.

9 v 9 MAXIMUM pitch size:  80 x 50 yards   Posts: 16 feet x 7 feet (if available)
7 v 7 MAXIMUM pitch size:  60 x 40 yards   Posts : 12 feet x 6 feet

10 minutes extra-time  (5 minutes each way).  If the teams remain level, a second 10 minutes period will be played. Again, if the teams remain level, there will be a third and final period 10 minute period of extra-time.  After this, there will be a replay. No penalty shoot out.
Having said this, there have been 2 occasions recently where penalties were used.  If this is the preferred option of both schools, then so be it.

Matches to be refereed by either a teacher or a qualified referee. The default is a teacher.
Up to the Quarter-Finals, please try and source these yourself, if possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chris Brook if you are struggling to source a referee – there are a few local referees that can help.
From the semi-finals onwards we hope to provide a referee.

Please ensure that a nominated member of staff is made known to the referee and will remain on the pitch-side to deal with any ‘over-enthusiastic’ parents/coaches.

Nobody benefits from a one-sided match. If it seems that this is the case, then the teacher/coach of the winning team should consider some of the following advice to improve the situation. This applies right through to the final.

How to manage a mismatch

Autumn Qualifiers

From 2023/24 there will be no play-offs.

After all the qualifying tournaments, we will use the following criteria to determine which 8 schools, qualify for the Totty Cup, which 8 for the Barlow-Salmons and 8 for the Brian Hyde.

Totty Cup 8

Cluster winners – Totty Cup (we have 5 clusters as at Sept 2023).

Dearne has always had the most schools competing, so the runner-up in Dearne will get the 6th Quarter-final spot. This will be reviewed if Dearne no longer have the most schools competing.

Plus 1 from each of one of the biggest two clusters – based on how many schools compete in the autumn 2023 qualifiers. In autumn 2022, Swinton had 5 schools, Wath 5, Mexborough 4 and Rawmarsh 4.

If two clusters have the same number of competing schools, then they will be separated by a seeding system based on the performace of cluster schools in the previous year’s cups. See below.

Barlow-Salmons 8

Two from Dearne, plus the 3rd placed team in the two biggest other clusters.
2nd and 3rd place from the two smaller clusters.

Brian Hyde 8

Two from Dearne, two from the two biggest other clusters.
One from each of the two smaller clusters.


For when two clusters have the same number of competing schools…
Eg. Totty Cup win (6 points) Totty RU (5), Gordon Swann Win (4), GS RU (3), Barlow-Salmons win (4), BS RU (3), Brian Hyde win (2) , BH RU (1).

In 2023: Dearne : 12 points, Rawmarsh 9 points, Swinton 7 points, Mexborough & Wath 0 points.

If they are still level, then we will have to look at the results for the finals the previous year. For example, Wath & Mexborough are level for 2023 finals. In 2022, Wath have 7 points and Mexborough 0.

Therefore, any clusters that have an equal number of teams competing, they will be separated in this order.

1) Rawmarsh
2) Swinton
3) Wath
4) Mexborough