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220 pages, 100 Totty Cups, 50 Barlow-Salmons, 350 elite players, Clarke Shield, Don & Dearne representative team, Don & Dearne Girls Cup.

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Semi-Finals – Week beginning 19th Feb. The schedule is at the very bottom of this page.
Totty Cup
Lacewood v Queen – Wed 21st February
Carrfield v Brampton Ellis
Barlow-Salmons Shield
Wath Victoria v Goldthorpe Sacred Heart – Thu 22nd February (hopefully)
Wath C of E v Kilnhurst St. Thomas – Thu 22nd February
Gordon Swann Cup (eliminator round)
St. Johns v Thorogate – Mon 19th February
Wath OLSJ v Sandhill
Brian Hyde Cup
Fitzwilliam v Wath Central – Wed 21st February
Thurnscoe Hill v Goldthorpe – Thu 22nd February

Totty Cup – (eg. Champions League) :
Queen 4 Mexborough St. Johns 0
⚽️⚽️Seth Rouane ⚽️Joey Parker ⚽️Jenson James
MSJ ⭐ Jacob Willey

Brampton Ellis 6 Thorogate 0
⚽️⚽️⚽️⭐ Oliver Cory ⚽️⚽️⚽️⭐Joshua Hardware
⭐Dexter Gunn

Brampton Ellis – Two hat-tricks in the Quarter-final. This photo will be included in the Totty Cup Centenary book.
Brampton Ellis’s hat-trick heroes – Joshua Hardware & Oliver Cory

Lacewood 4 Wath OLSJ 2
⚽️⚽️⭐Cohen Mace ⚽️ Jenson Oliver ⚽️Preston Middleton
OLSJ – ⚽️ Harry Hudson ⚽️ Jenson Patten. ⭐Anashe Wesseh
Carrfield 6 Sandhill 0
⚽️⚽️Adam J ⚽️Harris V ⚽️Toby K ⚽️Alfie G ⚽️Sebastian C ⭐Seth M
⭐Quaid Charles

Barlow-Salmons Shield – (eg. Europa League) :
Wath Victoria 2 Kilnhurst 1
⚽️⭐Archie M ⚽️ Alfie B ⭐Max Beever
Windhill 1 Kilnhurst St. Thomas 3
⚽️⚽️⚽️⭐Oliver Robinson
Wath C of E 3 Gooseacre 1
⚽️⭐George Shaw ⚽️Rome Warrior ⚽️George Tingle
⚽️⭐ Tommy Goulding
Goldthorpe Sacred Heart 3 Rawmarsh St. Josephs 2.
⚽️⚽️Henry Barber ⚽️⭐ Adrian Wasyk
⚽️⭐Onri Lewis ⚽️Oliver Smith

Brian Hyde Cup – (eg. Europa Conference) :
Hill 2 Highgate 1
⚽️⚽️Riley ⭐Jacob
⚽️⭐Jack Johnson
Brookfield 1 Fitzwilliam 1
⚽️TBC ⚽️Jack W
Fitzwilliam 3 Brookfield 0 REPLAY
⚽️Elliot B. ⚽️Harvey H.⚽️Luke E.
Wath Central 3 Wentworth 1
⚽️⚽️⚽️⭐Ryan G
⚽️Tom Stump ⭐Thomas Proctor
Goldthorpe 4 Ashwood 1
⚽️Maxx Scothern⚽️Alfie Edmans⚽️Brodie Hughes⚽️Harry Seagrave⭐Jenson Dawson
⚽️TBC⭐ Ava

Swinton Brookfield joined us for the Brian Hyde Cup – drawing against neighbours Fitzwilliam. This photo will be in the centenary book.
Wath Central are the first school through to the Brian Hyde semi-final. This photo will be in the centenary book.


Wath Academy provided hosted an impressive SIX schools, including Wentworth C of E for the first time in many years.
Brampton Ellis were declared champions after keeping clean sheets in each of their 5 matches. Wath OLSJ join them in the Totty Cup Quarter-Finals after only losing one match – to Wath Victoria – who qualified for the Barlow-Salmons along with Wath C of E.
Wentworth and Wath Central progress to the Brian Hyde Cup.

C of E 2 Victoria 0; Central 0 OLSJ 2; Wentworth 0 Victoria 1; Brampton Ellis 0 OLSJ 0;
Wentworth 0 Wath C of E 1; Brampton Ellis 1 Central 0; C of E 0 OLSJ 1; Central 0 Victoria 1; Wentworth 0 OLSJ 4; Brampton Ellis 4 Victoria 0; C of E 1 Central 0; Victoria 1 OLSJ 0; Brampton Ellis 3 Wath C of E 0; Brampton Ellis 3 Wentworth 0.

Brampton Ellis: Champions!
Another photo will be taken ahead of the Quarter-Final for the Centenary book.
Wath Our Lady & St. Josephs – into the Totty Cup knockout stage. This photo will be in the centenary book.
Wath Victoria – managed to beat 2nd placed OLSJ in their last match. This photo will be in the centenary book.
Wath C of E – through to the Barlow-Salmons. This photo will be in the centenary book.

Brampton Ellis – 13 points : TOTTY CUP
OLSJ – 10 points : ⭐Thomas Hill TOTTY CUP
Victoria – 9 points : ⭐Alfie Braithwaite BARLOW-SALMONS SHIELD
Wentworth – 3 points : BRIAN HYDE CUP
Central – 0 points : ⭐Blake H BRIAN HYDE CUP

OLSJ scorers: George Phillis 2, Harry Hudson, Jenson Patten, Joseph Hudson, , Louis Swann, Anashe Wesseh. Wath C of E: Heath Jones 2, Joshua Chandler, Rome Warrior

Referees: TJ & Nathan from Wath Academy Coordinator: Paul Beevor
Thanks to Elliott Flowers at Wath Academy & to Sally Goddard for keeping tabs on the scores.


Dearne & District JFC hosted a record SEVEN schools from the Dearne area, including Goldthorpe Juniors who haven’t competed for many years.
Lacewood had an incredible 100% record without conceding a goal. Carrfield join them in the Totty Cup Quarter-finals having won all their matches apart from against Lacewood.
Sacred Heart finished strongly to claim a place in the Barlow-Salmons QF along with Gooseacre who scraped in to the same competition after finishing level on points with Goldthorpe (as they had beaten them).
Goldthorpe, the Hill and Highgate all progress to the Brian Hyde Cup QF.

GSH 0 Carrfield 2; Gooseacre 0 Lacewood 1; Highgate 0 Hill 0; Goldthorpe 0 Carrfield 1;
Lacewood 3 GSH 0; Hill 1 Gooseacre 1; Highgate 0 Carrfield 4; Gooseacre 1 Goldthorpe 0;
Hill 0 Lacewood 3; Goldthorpe 1 GSH 2; Lacewood 3 Highgate 0; Carrfield 1 Gooseacre 0;
Hill 0 Goldthorpe 1; Highgate 0 GSH 2; Lacewood 1 Carrfield 0; GSH 0 Gooseacre 0;
Carrfield 1 Hill 0; Goldthorpe 4 Highgate 0; Goldthorpe 0 Lacewood 1; GSH 2 Hill 0;
Gooseacre 0 Highgate 0

The team photos below will be in the centenary book…

Lacewood – 18 points : ⭐ Cohen Mace TOTTY CUP
Carrfield – 15 points : ⭐ Alfie G TOTTY CUP
Gooseacre – 6 points : ⭐: David Mezo BARLOW-SALMONS SHIELD
Goldthorpe – 6 points : ⭐: Logan Shepherd BRIAN HYDE CUP
Hill – 2 points : BRIAN HYDE CUP
Highgate – 2 points : ⭐ Harry Oldfield BRIAN HYDE CUP

Lacewood scorers: – Cohen Mace 7, Taylor Arnold 3, Zak Bridgen, Jenson Oliver 
Carrfield scorers: – Sebastian C (4 goals) / Toby K / Alfie G 
Hill scorers: – Tommy Sandbrook & Kody Wilburn 
Goldthorpe scored a wonderful goal when Harry Seagrave smashed a goalkeepers kick straight back into the goal. There other scorers: Jayden Jones, Bobby Mcdonell 2, Brodie Hughes and Harry Seagrave got another.

Referees: Gaz Whit, Gary Mattrick, James Kinsella Coordinator: Andy Morton
Thanks to Pidge and Jurg at Dearne & District JFC

Windhill 1 BARLOW-SALMONS SHIELD Goal: Riley Quinn
St. Johns 3 TOTTY CUP

Freddie Hibbard, Tommy Dickinson, Jack Woodward.

St. Johns: This photo will be in the centenary book.
Windhill: Through to the Barlow-Salmons. This photo will be in the centenary book.

Referees: Chris Glarvey Coordinator: Jamie Taylor

Swinton Academy hosted the primary schools from Swinton & Kilnhurst on Wednesday. 2022 & 2023 Totty Cup winners, Queen, won the tournament and have a chance to make it a hat-trick.

Kilnhurst finished runners up and are likely to be in the Barlow-Salmons, along with 3rd placed St. Thomas. Fitzwilliam will be in the Brian Hyde Cup. Brookfield had last minute staffing issues and couldn’t attend – they could still be involved in the Brian Hyde.

Both of the above team photos will be included in the centenary book.
Kilnhurst: Back row (L-R): Rudi Pitt, Alfie Stark, Max Beever, Will Kelly Evie Birkbeck, Dylan Smart, Jamie Lawless. Front row: Jack Mangham, Jacob Childs, Harley South. This photo will be in the centenary book.

Kilnhurst St. Thomas – through to the Barlow-Salmons. This photo will be in the centenary book.
Fitzwilliam are in the Brian Hyde Cup. This photo will be in the centenary book.

Fitzwilliam 1 St. Thomas 1; Kilnhurst 1 Queen 1; Queen 3 Fitzwlliam 0
Kilnhurst 1 St. Thomas 1; Fitzwilliam 1 Kilnhurst 4; Queen 4 St. Thomas 0

Queen: 7 points : ⭐ Harry Morton TOTTY CUP
Kilnhurst: 5 points : BARLOW-SALMONS SHIELD
St. Thomas: 2 points: BARLOW-SALMONS SHIELD
Fitzwilliam: 1 point : ⭐ Jack W BRIAN HYDE CUP

Referees: TBC Coordinator: John Hilton & Laura Colman

Our 2nd century of Totty Cup football started at Rawmarsh St. Josephs JFC on Monday where Sandhill progressed to the Quarter-Finals with a 100% record. Thorogate’s runners-up spot was enough for them to book a spot in the Totty Cup quarter-finals too.

Sandhill – in to the Totty Cup Quarter-final. This photo will be in the centenary book.

3rd placed St. Josephs will be in the Barlow-Salmons. Ashwood school will play in the Brian Hyde Cup.

Thorogate 2 Ashwood 0 DEXTER GUNN, TOMMY BROWN
Sandhill 1 Thorogate 0 WILLIAM HANSON
Ashwood 0 RSJ 0
Sandhill 2 Ashwood 0 WILLIAM HENSON +OG

Thorogate : Runners-up with a win a draw & a loss. A team photo from today will be included in the centenary book.

Sandhill : 9 points : ⭐William Hanson TOTTY CUP
Thorogate : 4 points : ⭐Leo Rollinson TOTTY CUP
St. Josephs : 2 points: ⭐ Blake Myers BARLOW-SALMONS SHIELD
Ashwood: 1 point : BRIAN HYDE CUP

St. Josephs Catholic School – two draws and a narrow defeat to a penalty. This photo will be in the centenary book.

Referees: Steve Taylor & Ian Walsh; Coordinator: Jon Bedford; Thanks Paul & Sue at RSJ

The 2023-24 competition will begin in the last week of September 2023 with tournaments in each of the 5 clusters (with the coordinators and provisional dates):

Dearne – Andy Morton – Thu 28th September
Rawmarsh – Jon Bedford – Mon 25th September
Swinton – Laura Colman – Wed 27th September
Mexborough – Jamie Taylor – Thu 28th September*
Wath – Paul Beevor – Thu 28th September

*A few problems getting the Mexborough tournament sorted. It was scheduled for Mon 25th – now it will be Windhill v St. Johns on the 28th in a Totty Cup/Barlow-Salmons play-off.

From that, schools will qualify for one of 3 knockout competitions. The schools in colour below are the likely cups that they will play in – nothing is confirmed until all the qualifying matches are played.

Totty Cup – 8 schools – (eg. Champions League) :
Sandhill; Thorogate; Queen; Mexborough St. Johns; Brampton Ellis, Wath OLSJ, Lacewood; Carrfield
Barlow-Salmons – 8 schools – (eg. Europa League) :
Kilnhurst; St. Thomas; St. Josephs; Goldthorpe SH; Gooseacre; Windhill; Wath C of E; Wath Victoria; Kilnhurst Primary
Brian Hyde – 8 schools – (eg. Europa Conference) :
Ashwood; Fitzwilliam; Brookfield; Goldthorpe, Hill, Highgate; Wentworth, Wath Central, Monkwood

This year there will be no play-offs.

The Gordon Swann Cup will be our 4th competition. The 8 schools in the Totty Cup have voted for a change to an ‘eliminator’ format this year.
The 4 schools knocked out in the Totty QF will face each other to produce 2 schools for the Gordon Swann semi-final. The 2 losing Totty Cup semi-finalists will be in the semi-final of the Gordon Swann.

Finally the Don & Dearne Girls cup will be played for a third season. The format is likely to be a February qualifying event which will lead to a finals day in May.

Full calendar at the bottom of this page.

We are celebrating 100 years of the Totty Cup throughout 2023.
We are celebrating 50 years of the Barlow-Salmons during 2023-24.

The history of both of these competitions will be detailed in the Totty Cup Centenary book – due out in December 2023.

The book is heading for up to 180 pages and can be pre-ordered at tinyurl.com/tottycup

2023/24 Calendar – girls in red
Totty Cup Qualifying : Week beginning Sept 25th
Quarter Finals (Totty, Barlow, Hyde) : Week beginning 2nd Oct, 9th Oct & 16th October
Semi-finals: Week beginning 19th Feb
Gordon Swann Semi-finals: 27th & 28th February
Girls Qualifying : Weeks beginning 26th Feb & 4th March
Finals : Thursday 14th March
Replays: Thursday 21st March
Girls knockout: Week Beginning 15th April
Girls Finals : Thursday 23rd May