Thurnscoe Hill 5 Fitzwilliam 1

1981 TOT
Back Row (left to right): Paul Thomson, Andrew Wilson, Dean Davidson, John Hudson, Steve Gibbons, Phil Hale, Ian Hudson. Front Row (left to right): Gordon Mckenning, Bob Butler, Ian Bridges, Lee Baker, Ian Rogerson, Russel Hudson,


Swinton Fitzwilliam Back Row (L to R) Andrew Machin, Richard Bray, Wayne England, Richard Hughes, Mr Laird, Richard Harrison, Shaun Unwin, Andy Harrison Front (L to R): Duncan Hardy, Mark Plant, Nicky Thrustle, Daniel Taylor, Steven Beresford, Craig Wood
Rich Harrison (aged 9) in goal for Fitzwilliam, with his older brother Andy (with blonde hair) defending. Craig Wood behind.
Rich Harrison saves with Richard Hughes behing him. Nick Thrustle also defending.

Above photos…Credit: Paul Martin (Facebook: I grew up in Thurnscoe)


Fitzwilliam beat Wath Central
Thurnscoe Hill beat Wath St. Josephs
John HudsonSomeone scored a hat-trick. It was either Ian Rogerson or Andrew Wilson? I think Gordon Mckenning scored one, not sure about the others.

The teacher, who was the coach, was Mr Facer. He was years ahead in respect to sports science, from memory he used to supply us with a Mars bar each ( full of glucose and sugar for energy ) before some games.



Dan Taylor (Fitzwilliam) remembers “I played in this final for Fitzwilliam, alongside Andrew Harrison, Nicholas Thrustle amongst others. It was a pretty much one sided game,  as the scoreline suggests. We played the semi-final at Swinton Brookfield where we won 1-0, with a goal scored from the halfway line.”

Russ Hudson – ‘Man of the Match’

Credit: Bob Butler
Roman Terrace – not involved in the final.

Goldthorpe Sacred Heart – credit Louise Holt
Standing (L to R): Louise Holt, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6
Front Row (L to R): F1, F2, F3

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