Brampton 5 Victoria 1 (2nd Replay)

Brampton 1928

Brampton School – League Champions and Cup Winners

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 25, 1928

League and Cup

The Brampton School team have again had a successful season. They are  champions of their division of the Dearne Valley League competition and have won the Totty Cup.

In the league compention they did not lose a match and scored 73 goals to 11. In the Cup competition their score was 18 goals to 7.

Three exciting final matches were played before Wath Victoria were overcome 5-1. Four players were selected for the Dearne Valley team.

Brampton 5 Victoria 1 (2nd replay)

Having played 160 (?) minutes, Brampton and Wath met a third time on the Wath Athletic groung on Friday.  The game promised to be as keenly contested as the previous encounters each team attacking in turn.  Both defences played well and had little difficulty in checking attacks.  Wath took the lead through unsteadiness in the Brampton defence.  Hobson scoring.  Brampton rallied but for a time were thwarted by Drury and Boocock.  Brampton began to swing the ball about effectively.  Holman hit the crossbar and the ball came to Spencer, who scrambled it through.  Immediately afterwards, Brampton took the lead, Rodgers being the scorer.  Victoria made many strong efforts to equalise but the Brampton defenders were sure.

With the wind behind them, Brampton attacked strongly and quickly upset the Wath defence.  Rodgers was a dangerous raider and caused the Victoria defenders many anxious moments.  Drury, the Wath centre-half, was finding the pace too much and he was unable to cope with the Brampton forwards.  Rodgers put Brampton further ahead and a fourth goal came from Law.  Drury tried to rally his team but the positional play of the Brampton backs and halves easily held the attacks. Wake scored a fifth goal to give Brampton a 5-1 victory.

Brampton were a better balanced team and their tactics easily outwitted the Wath defence.  The wing men, Holman and Rodgers were given an opportunity to show their worth.  The halves, Ellis, Archer and Rhodes were fine spoilers and good feeders, Archer being outstanding.  The backs, Green and Shaw, covered their halves well do that Dilkes was not seriously tested.  The strong men on the Wath side were Drury and Boocock.  Whiteley was the best forward , but found the Brampton defence too clever.

After the match, Mr. A J Thompson, chairman of the Education committee, presented the cup to the winners.

Brampton have now gained the dual honour, the winners of the Totty Cup and the champions of Division 1.  Their success has been due mainly to their all round steadiness.  Though none of the boys are really outstanding there is not a weak position in the team.

4th May 1928 – South Yorkshire Times

Brampton 1 Victoria 1 (replay) After Extra Time

Scorers:  Wake (Brampton)  Drury (Victoria)

Brampton and Victoria met a second time on the Wath Athletic ground on Tuesday.  Another keen game resulted but though extra time was played the issue is still undecided.  Again the defences were too good for the forwards.  The Brampton defence was slightly the better and their positional play was a feature of the game.  Ellis, Archer and Rhodes were a strong half-back line.  Drury was a good spoiler at centre-half for Victoria and again proved too good for Spencer and Law, the two most dangerous forwards for Brampton.  Boocock and Wadsworth supported Drury excellently.  Both goalkeepers did well.  The Victoria forwards worked well together, but could not overcome a reolute defence.  Whiteley worked very hard but Ellis was often his master.  The Brampton forwards were not quite as methodical.

In the first half no goals were scored.  Victoria opened the scoring after 10 minutes play in the second half, through Drury.  Wake equalised.  No more goals were scored during the extra period of 10 minutes each way.

The second replay will take place on the Wath Athletic ground tonight at 5.30pm.

27th April 1928 – South Yorkshire Times

Brampton 1 Victoria 1 (original final)

Scorers:  Law (Brampton)  Horsefield (Victoria)

Brampton and Victoria drew 1-1 in the final tie on the Wath Athletic ground on Friday after a very good game.  The ground was hard and the ball lively. It was a desperate struggle from the kick-off to the end.  In the first half the defences held firm and Drury, the tall Victoria centre-half was a dominant figure and had some interesting duels with little Spencer, the Brampton centre-forward. Boocock was a strong figure in the Victoria defence and rarely gave the Brampton forwards an opportunity to get within shooting distance.  Archer, Ellis and Shaw were prominent in the Brampton defence, they took up position well.

Midway through the second half, Victoria took the lead.  Scattergood dashed away on the right, centred and Horsefield gathered the ball neatly and dashed through the defence to give Dilkes no chance.  That spurred Brampton on and Spencer and Law made determined raids, but found Drury and Boocock big stumbling blocks.  Eventually, in a melee in the Victoria goal, the ball was passed back to Law who made no mistake with a well placed shot.

The score was a fair return on the play.  Throughout, the defences were superior to the attacks.  Ellis played a particularly good game at right-half against the clever Victoria left wing, Whiteley and Scattergood.  Law was the more dangerous of the Brampton forwards but found Drury and Boocock resolute defenders.

27th April 1928 – South Yorkshire Times

Brampton  3  Highgate  2

Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 13 April 1928
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 13 April 1928

Other semi:  Victoria beat Darfield

Second round :

Highgate beat Broomhill (after a 1-1 draw)
Victoria 5 Bolton 1
Brampton 2 Park St. 0
Wath National 1 Darfield 2

Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 06 April 1928
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 06 April 1928
Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 09 March 1928
Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 23 March 1928
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 23 March 1928

First Round:

Hemingfield 3 Wath National 3
Wath National 6 Hemingfield 3 (replay)
Broomhill 0 Highgate 1

Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 30 March 1928
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 30 March 1928
Mexborough & Swinton Times - Friday 18 November 1927
Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 18 November 1927

Highgate success

highgate 28

The Highgate school team have completed, the season with a proud record.

Of twelve matches played since September they won eleven and lost one, with the remarkable goal average of 76 to 16. They are thus worthy league champions. The record of their games is:

Goldthorpe (home) 3 0

Thurnscoe (away) 10 2

Darfield Church (home) 3 0

Houghton Church (away) 11 2

Thurnscoe East (away) 5 1

Darfield (home) 1 7

Goldthorpe (away) 5 3

Thurnscoe (home) 4 0

Darfield Church (away) 11 0

Houghton Church (home) 11 0

Thurnscoe East (home) 5 1

Darfield (away) 7 0

Their leading scorers are: Nelson (26) and Mason (22).

Besides league matches in :Division II of the Dearne Valley League, the school reached the semi-final round of the Totty Cup competition, in which they were unlucky to lose.

The regular team during the later part of the season’ was

Bembridge, Hopper, Brain, Hirst, Hoskins, Murray, Ashmore, Teasdale, Nelson, Mason and Simpson.

Unfortunately for the school, only Ashmore and Murray will be available next year.

The team was exceptionally well balanced, and the success is due partly to their consistency, but also to the excellent organisation by the school staff. A fine example has been set the boys, and the good team spirit has made them champions where others would leave failed. Nor has support been lacking: an enthusiastic party has always watched their games.

The last match of the season, played against the Rest of the League, ended in a smashing victory for Highgate —6-0—a great ending to a great season.

To mark their performances a tea and concert were organised by local sportsmen, when medals were presented to the players.

Swinton Bridge

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