Bolton Lacewood   4    Swinton Fitzwilliam   2

Lacewood 85
BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Andrew Groves, Darren Marshall, Kevin Spruce, Matthew Oxley, Brian Ratcliffe, Mark Wilcock, Shaun Young, Stephen Waller, Simon Westwood, FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT):Paul Calladine, Richard Wilson, Mark Woodhead, Lee Myers.

Lacewood: Darren Marshall (2) ;  James Pappini (og) (2)
Fitzwilliam:  Groves (og), Matthew Foss

Lacewood 85 2

Cup presented by Albert Jones (ex teacher at Mexborough Schofield Street and Swinton Bridge).

West Melton
Brookfield - unsure of year - Scott Copeland
Swinton Brookfield “B” team 1985.

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