Brampton Ellis 7 Rawmarsh Monkwood 1

Totty 2005 report 001Totty 2005 4th try 001

Played at Brookfield school, Swinton.

John Dales took 5 teams to Totty Cup finals.  He won it with Thorogate in 1988 and then lost it in 1991 & 1992.  He then lost in 2 further finals with Monkwood:  2004 & 2005.

BramptonEllis Rawmarsh Monkwood
Archie Ogden Jordan Stobbart
Vinny Ogden Jordan Foster
Ross Darrell Daniel Egginton
Jory Bannister Joshua Downing
Mike Holt Joshua Hall
Ben Heywood Luke Rayner
Jordan Watson Lewis Hammond
Adam Gwilliam Ben Cresswell
Gavin Allen Lewis Dix
Simon Firth Joshua Turner (capt.)
Jack Leech Luke Johnson
Alec Davies Jake Clarke
Stephen Johnson Joe Rich
Richard NewallDaniel Laister Joshua Hall

Quarter Finals

Rawmarsh Monkwood           8         Wentworth                  1

Dearne Highgate                     4          Swinton Queen           2

Swinton Brookfield                9          Rawmarsh Thorogate 1

Brampton Ellis                        4          Carrfield                      2



Rawmarsh Monkwood           2          Dearne Highgate         1

Brampton Ellis                        2          Brookfield                   1

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