Wath Central 1 Rawmarsh Monkwood 0

Back Row (L to R): David Woodward; David Hopwood; Alistair Fisher; Christopher Paskell; Alan Richadson; Paul Cotton; Christopher Saxton. Front Row (L to R) Nigel Armitage; Michael Thompson; Stephen Taylor; David Woodward, Michael Hopwood, Paul Hyde; Christopher Dayson; Barry Love (Captain).  The teacher was Mr. Cousins.

Above:  The Rawmarsh Monkwood team.  Teachers: Mr.  Gargett and Mr. Stone

Back Row (L to R): David Reeves; Alan Davies; Andrew Booth; Denville Taylor; Ian Longden; Shane Richmond; Jeremy Powell.

Front Row (L to R):  Andrew Jepson; Andrew Seddons; Mark Wilson; Wayne Roebuck; Stephen Crowder.

Above:  The Monkwood team once they had qualified for the final.

Standing (L to R) Jeremy Powell; David Reeves; Alan Davies; Denville Taylor; Ian Longden, Anthony Scott; Stephen Crowder; Shane Richmond; Wayne Roebuck. Front Row (L to R) Nigel Adkin, Andrew Seddons, Mark Wilson (captain); Andrew Booth; Andrew Jepson.

Monkwood on the day of the final – at LNER, Swinton.


Jeremy Powell :  “I remember playing in the final of the Totty Cup for Rawmarsh Monkwood Junior School in 1975 and 1976. We lost  the first final, our only defeat that season. – not sure who we lost to! All the finals were at the LNER ground.”

One semi-final report…

and the other semi-final report…

Wayne Roebuck (Monkwood) with his runners up medal.


All the above is thanks to Wayne Roebuck’s scrapbook.

According to the programme, Frank Barlow was expected to present the trophies for the 1975 competition.

Nigel Armitage Steve Taylor goalie , Dave was res goalie .Alistair Fisher scored from corner.Barry love ,Paul Hyde both amazing but we all was on that day at the LNER ground.

Teacher : Mr Kneissel
Back Row: Glen Woolley, Gary Beresford, Dave Sheldon, Alan Bainbridge, Neil Brearley.
Front row – Darren Huges, Gary Salkeld, Dave Kelly, Gary Moody, Laurence Hearne

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