Darfield Council 1  Roman Terrace  0

darfield council and junior school totty cup 1953 1954
Alan Wilkinson, Tony Wagstaff, George Jones, John Rowbottom, Harry Ryman, Frank Goldthorpe, John Rowbottom, Les Holden, Harry Ryman, Keith Hazeldine, Malc Cousins, Colin Eyre

Credit:  Danny Jones

Back Row (L to R): D. Barnham, Trevor Gamble, John Langford, Bob Hathaway, Dave Norman, B. Bates, Keith Ingham
Front row (L to R): Jack Abson, Barry Davey, Barry Linley, Howard Midegley, Ken Whitworth, John McDermott, Bernard Birkett
Holding Ball: D. Booth Teachers: Mr Bell. Mr Smith. Mr Petts
Help from: Bill Bates, Ken Whitworth, Terry Birkett

Semi Final
Roman Terrace 2  Conisbrough Balby St  2 (replay)
Roman Terrace 2 Conisbrough Balby Steet 1 (second replay) – SYT 22/5/54
Darfield Council 6 Queen St  2Report – SYT 8/5/54
Frank Goldthorpe 4, Tony Wagstaff, Alan Wilkinson

Roman Terrace Team:  Bob Hathaway; Barry Linley; Barry Davey; Dave Norman;  Howard Midgeley;  Bernard Birkett;  Jack Abson ;  John Langford;  John McDermott;  Bill Bates;  Ken Whitworth

Earlier Rounds:
Hoyland Common 0. Darfield N.P. 3    – Report – SYT 13/3/54  West 2 , Higginbotham
Bolton (??) CP 2 Darfield N.P 0 (Green ‘un – Saturday 10 April 1954)
Conisbro’ Balby St. 2 Conisbro’ Morley Place 1Report – SYT 17/4/54
Conisbrough Balby Street 3 Thurnscoe CP 1  – Report – SYT 13/3/54 Saxton, Marsden & OG for CBS
Fitzwilliam 4  Jump 1 – Report – SYT 13/3/54 : Jackson 2, Hope & Oldfield (F) Beevers (J)
Roman Terrace 2  Hemmingfleld 2  (Star Green ‘un – Saturday 27 February 1954)
Hemingfield Ellis 2  Roman Terrace 2 – Report – SYT 13/3/54
Roman Terrace 1 Bolton 1Report – SYT 3/4/54
Goal: RT: Langford
Bolton 6 Mexborough St. Johns 0 – Report – SYT 13/3/54  Wild 2, Biles(??) 2, Hollings
Darfield Council 2 Darfield CE 0Report – SYT 17/4/54
Swinton Bridge 2 Darfield CE 2Report 27/3/54 Replay
Goals:  SB:  Cane 2, DCP:  Holding
Consibrough Balby Street 3  Thurnscoe CP 1 – Report – SYT 13/3/54
Birdwell 2  Mexborough Schofield St 1 (replay)Report – SYT 20/5/54
Conisbrough Morley Place 3  Tankersley CE 2 (aet) – Report SYT 17/4/54
Darfield CP 1 Swinton Bridge 0Report SYT 17/4/54
Roman Terrace 3 Thurnscoe Hill 2Report SYT 17/4/54
Birdwell v Swinton

Stan Briggs : I remember playing football for Hemmingfield Ellis and I lived just opposite the school at 5 Tingle Bridge Lane. The school may have come under Brampton and I was wondering if this was the same match I was in. I remember a picture in the papers and I was sat in the middle of the from row holding the ball with year on it. I remember one of the other players was Derek Short.   I remember us winning the game , the school had a big party and a cake like a football pitch . Also the football team went to a theatre in Barnsley .

The photo below indicates that Hemingfield won the Totty Cup in 1953/54.  Newspaper reports suggest this was NOT the case.  However, it may have been that they won the Junior League Cup – for the winners of each of the 4(?) sections to compete in.

Hemmingfield winners totty cup 001

Darfield C of E
Teachers (L to R): Mr. Bill Price & Mr. Ray Hudson
Standing (L to R): J. Wilkinson, John Pickergill, G. Blackwell, B. Thorpe, G. Beumont, R. Durdy.
On Chairs (L to R): David Barnes, J. Sayles, Gordon West, Melvyn Higginbottom, W. Hughes
The lad sitting behind the shield is Gordon West, future Blackpool, Everton and England goalie. Gordon scored two goals in an early round of the Totty Cup against Hoyland Common

Fitz no evid Keith Harwood facebook
Swinton Fitzwilliam
Rawmarsh Monkwood
Thurnscoe Hill
Swinton Queen 26th June 1954
Back Row (L to R): Glyn Foster, Pat McDermott, John Hadfield, Neil Depledge, Alan Warren, Marshall Robshaw, Tony Martin, Brian Sturgess
Front Row (L to R): Neil Sheriff, Eric Mower, John Depledge, Dale Cocking, Arnold Smedley, David Priestly, Keith Hollingsworth

Denaby Rossington Street
Teachers (L to R): Mr. Hall, Mr. Townsend
Back Row (Lto R) : Jim Sapey, John Mannifield, David Godfrey Malcolm Horton, John Thompson, Winston Rigg
Front Row (L to R): John Dufty, David Harrison?, Colin Sapey, George Laycock, Henry Till

Schofield Street

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