Finals played in since the war:  19
Totty Cup Finals: 10 finals, 8 wins, 2 runners-up
Clarke/Barlow-Salmons Shield Finals9 finals, 5 wins, 4 runners-up

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2023: Barlow RU Photo
2018: Totty Win Photo
2017: Totty Win Photo
2015: Totty RU Photo*
2014: Barlow Win Photo*
Totty Win Photo*
2009: Barlow RU No Photo
2006: Totty Win Photo*
2002: Barlow Win Photo
1998: Totty Win Photo
1994: Totty Win Photo
1993: Totty RU No Photo
1992: Barlow Win Photo
1981: Barlow Win Photo
1978: Totty Win Photo
1977: Barlow Win Photo*
1967: Totty Win Photo
1963: Clarke RU No Photo
1959: Clarke RU Photo

*Newspaper photos (low quality) –  if you have a better quality print, please send copies to

Before the war, Carrfield (as Bolton Council) featured in one Totty Cup final

1935: Totty RU No Photo

Other years…
1993: Photo (scroll down)
1979 Photo (scroll down)
Photo (scroll down)
1975: Photo (scroll down)
1966: Photo (scroll down)
1965: Photo down)
1964:  Photo (scroll down)
1962: Photo (scroll down)